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Q: What is Physical Therapy?
A: Physical therapies includes a wide range of exercises and therapies such as heat/cold, water, electric current and ultrasound therapies designed to restore the patient to as near normal physical activity as possible. Depending on the patient this may include reduction of pain, swelling, increase/improve in movement, balance, and daily functions.

Q: What is Occupational Therapy?
A: Occupational therapy is similar to physical therapy but focus on upper body rehabilitation and improving the ability of the patient to perform daily activities such as grooming, bathing, dressing, cooking, and cleaning.

Q: Who needs Physical/Occupational Therapy?
A: Therapy is appropriate for patients suffering from pain, broken bones, work or accident related injuries, loss of function from illness, surgery or other diseases which prohibit the patient from fully enjoying the daily life.

Q: Who should I talk to about receiving and Occupational Therapy?
A: If you feel you may benefit from therapy, discuss your feelings with your primary care physician. Your physician is your best source for your wellness. We work directly with your physician to evaluate your needs, determine the most appropriate program and maintain contact with your physician on your progress.

Q: How should I start Physical/Occupational Therapy?
A: A referral is made according to the guidelines of your health care insurance. In some cases, the physician will give the referral to you , or fax referral to our facility. Once the referral is received, we will call you to schedule the evaluation. If you are given the referral , please contact our office to schedule your evaluation.

Q: Who decides what I need to do to get better?
A: After the evaluation, a recommended treatment program is sent to your physician for approval. Treatment begin as soon as possible until specified goals are met. Treatments may include home exercises or other procedures.

Q: What do I gain with Physical and Occupational Therapy?
A: Physical therapy aids and restores the body’s functional ability. General results from physical therapy increased range of motion (the amount of movement from an arm, etc), increased strength of the muscle or limb, restored balance or stability of movement, re-education of the body for better function or re-education of the person mentally or emotionally. Physical and occupational therapy helps to heal a person’s entire mind, body and spirit from a serious trauma, resulting in restored confidence and function of the recovering individual thus giving them ability to fully enjoy life and restoring the family unit to a better level of comfort and function.

Q: Does my insurance pay for Physical and Occupational Therapy?
A: Most insurances do cover the cost of physical occupational therapy, however, based on your specific plan, you may be responsible for a co-pay . This co-pay is due at every visit, and the insured is obligated to inform us of any changes to their insurance during treatment.